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15. Dmitriy Kozlov | The Master of Expression: Integrity, Influence, & Art

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Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Dmitriy, Influex, and some context on today’s episode. [00:16]
  • The pragmatic value of integrity. [6:16]
  • Identifying Truth in the moment. [10:57]
  • Factoring in consequences and the ripple effect of honoring your truth. [16:09]
  • Dmitry shares how he first ventured down the rabbit hole of personal development.  [18:43]
  • Arman and Dmitry talk about artistic self-expression. [21:24]
  • Your greatest influence and impact comes from your fullest expression. [25:08]
  • How expressing who you are can accelerate business growth. [28:47]
  • Art is one form of activating the flow state. [35:25]
  • Crushing it during the pandemic. [42:54]
  • Leading with your voice especially during these challenging times. [48:08]
  • Your personal brand and website is your new resume. [49:57]
  • Telling your story and the importance of ranking on Google. [51:06]
  • Relationship building. [57:27]
  • The story of how Dmitry met Yanik Silver and the doors that opened up. [58:16]
  • Getting mentored by people you want to get connected with. [59:41]
  • Meeting Richard Branson in Necker Island and what that taught Dmitry. [01:03:20]
  • Leading with genuine curiosity helps you beat Imposter’s Syndrome. [01:07:38]
  • Arman meeting Chris Guillebeau. [01:11:11]
  • Rituals and not being scared of a deep journaling process. [01:13:40]
  • Exploring self-honesty. [01:17:28]
  • Why am I here? [01:22:22]
  • Dmitry surprises and wraps up with a beautiful spoken-word piece. [01:26:50]


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