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14. Adam Palmer | From Survival to $1 Million on Upwork

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Adam Palmer joins Arman to share how he went from the restaurant business and deep debt, to freelancing on UpWork for five hundred dollars an hour. Arman and Adam both have a history of freelancing with UpWork and share their experience, insider tricks and success stories in this episode of FLOW with Arman Assadi.

Show Notes:
● Adam explains how he ended up in Brussels during COVID-19. [0:10]
● How Arman and Adam met, and began using UpWork. [3:00]
● From restaurant owner to freelancer. [8:25]
● Merging ELance and ODesk to create UpWork and all its possibilities. [14:34]
● Adam explains how UpWork changed his life and helped him get out of debt. [25:05]
● What is Adam’s hourly rate now? [28:20]
● The freedom of getting rid of debt and ending the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.
● Would you do anything differently if you were starting today? [36:30]
● Arman shares his process for bidding on UpWork jobs. [41:45]
● What about this type of work ignites your passion [52:11]
● Adam talks about what comes next [54:20]
● Adam’s final thoughts. [1:00:38]

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