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16. David Grega | Combat Veteran, Holistic Wellness Coach, & Winemaker

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David Grega is a combat veteran who’s served in the Iraq War, a renowned winemaker, and a holistic nutrition expert who embodies a healthy form of modern masculinity.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on David and their friendship. [00:24]
  • David talks about discovery through learning, listening and meeting people. [06:40]
  • Metaphors breathe meaning into our existence. [10:12]
  • The importance of claiming your energy, space, thoughts in each moment [15:33]
  • The struggle that David went through with his chronic pain and health after getting out of the war in Iraq. [18:54]
  • Embracing imperfection through self-love and self-awareness. [24:24]
  • Activating the anabolic pathway. [30:51]
  • How to view mindful eating and nutrition as a philosophy instead of a diet. [31:15]
  • Looking at different amino acid profiles and how to increase your Lucein intake. [35:05]
  • The ethos of being in this world but not of it. [58:53]
  • Life and death. [1:00:11]
  • Balancing extremes and investigating both sides of the spectrum. [1:02:35]
  • Beautiful closing thoughts [1:23:40]

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