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85. Can Fact-Checkers Be Trusted? An Analysis on Truth and Censorship

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As you may know, I am obsessed with exploring truth — its meaning and the objective possibility of it.

Today, one of the culture wars that affects us all is the debate on facts and censorship. How do we determine what the media and people say is true? Should fact-checkers exist? If so, can we trust them to be unbiased? And who should this responsibility be on anyway?

In this episode, I break all of this down, explain why it has become politized, explore the potential dangers of fact-checkers, and the responsibility we as individuals have going forward.

In episode 85, you will learn:
00:00 Fact vs Truth: Everything is politicized
01:57 What are facts & what are they based on
04:39 Who is responsible for the truth? – Are fact-checkers dangerous?
09:49 Who is responsible for censoring
11:25 Who is responsible for the truth
14:45 The victim mentality of society – Learned Helplessness
15:33 Inspiring closing thoughts



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