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86. The Art of Asking Questions: How Choosing Difficultly Can Lead To a Journey of Mastery | Abe Shreve

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Abe Shreve is the CEO of Business MAPS Coaching and Training. He developed a powerful model for coaching and training that supports entrepreneurs who are following their passion to the front line of modern business. It’s his passion to bring together spirited business owners with the very best coaches so they can finally achieve predictable profitability, and design a business that supports their goals.

In this episode, we dive deeper into a variety of topics with Abe Shreve: What inspired him to embark on his journey of mastery, how he chose difficult in his life, and how we can apply this in our life, and so much more!

In Episode 86, you will learn:

00:00 Introducing Abe Shreve
02:27 Abe’s definition of Mastery and how he pursues it
14:29 Arman’s definition of Mastery
19:36 Abe’s journey of choosing difficult and why it’s important to choose difficult things and the meaning behind it all
44:03 Why do we focus on what we can’t do?
59:47 Stay in journey mode – look for the good things in life
1:12:08 inspiring closing thoughts from Abe and Arman
1:17:00 How to get in touch with Abe



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