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82. Francis Pedraza | The Renaissance Man Returns: The Limits of Thought

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Francis Pedraza is the founder of Invisible, an extremely innovative technology startup that provides “work-sharing” as a service, blending outsourcing and automation, so your company or team can efficiently run any business process.

My first episode with Francis (episode 25) was one of my personal favorites and I learned an incredible amount.

I will warn you, in this episode, we go even deeper down the rabbit hole into some very complex, esoteric topics, which many of you will absolutely love. We break down two spectrums of reality, where we might be going as a society, the purpose of life, and much more.

In Episode 82, you will learn:

00:00 Breaking down the war of realities
06:20 Francis’s technological, political, and economic analysis
17:32 Francis’s social, philosophical, and spiritual analysis
27:57 Realism vs Romanticism — where do you land? Is it worth it?
49:22  Is the story of the American civilizational collapse already written?
1:00:59 Does the purpose of life mean anything?
1:15:44 Closing thoughts: What is Invisible and where it’s going next



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