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81. How I Discovered and Unleashed My Inner Artist | Special Interview

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This week I have a special episode for you! I’m sharing an episode of me being interviewed by Steven Fage of the My Niche is Human Podcast.

We sat down and talked about a book that has greatly impacted my journey called The Artist’s Way. This book has helped me overcome some major mental limitations and tap into creative energy and an inner artist I was totally unaware of. In fact, it is a big reason this podcast exists today.

In Episode 81, you will learn:

  • 00:00 Special Intro
  • 1:11 Arman’s introspective journey through The Artist’s Way
  • 9:43 The Holy Sh!t moment that changed Arman’s way of thinking
  • 21:03 How to get out of autopilot and take ownership of your life
  • 25:21 How to make creativity a priority
  • 33:00 Contemplating Death and how it can benefit your level of self-awareness
  • 40:01 How to focus on yourself to get into FLOW – The Pre/Post process of The Artist Way
  • 54:30 How to use resentment as inspiration and energy to motivate you forward
  • 58:50 Finding and refining your authentic voice

Resources/Links :

Steven Fage’s – My Niche is Human Podcast
How Art is the Antidote to Death
Tibetan book of living and dying
The Artist’s Way
The Psychospiritual Transformative Benefits of Flow with Jackie Knechtel
Arman’s Flow Kit
Facing your Inner Demons
Maria Popova – Brainpickings


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