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2. Nick Urbani | The Bath Bomb King: 7-Figures per Month, Meaningful Adventures, and Global Politics

Nick is Arman’s friend, which is the only qualification for being on this podcast. (He made me say this in exchange for being on the show lol.)

Alongside being Arman’s friend, Nick has spent the last 15 years growing and building profitable technology and digital media companies. Nick specializes in data-based optimization of user acquisition and user lifetime value with 100s of millions of dollars of ad spend under his belt.

Nick is currently Principal at Digital Alpha Capital which owns and operates several online media companies including Bubbly Belle, a women’s bath product company where he serves as CEO, 4am Media, a performance ecommerce company, and other minority investments.

Nick lives in San Diego, CA. He spends his free time training Muay Thai, creating art, investing in real estate, and staying engaged in foreign affairs.
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