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7. Neil Patel | The Most Interesting (And Famous) Marketer in the World

Neil Patel (@neilpatel) is a prominent entrepreneur in the world of digital marketing who has co-authored a New York Times Bestseller, led several businesses to become multi-million-dollar organizations and spent much of his recent energy growing his agency, Neil Patel Digital. Neil joins this episode of FLOW with Arman Assadi to discuss his career and its lessons, his views of what truly matters, his collaboration with Arman on past projects, and navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Show Notes:

  • Here’s what you need to know about Neil Patel, and why Arman considers him the most interesting marketer in the world. [1:25]
  • What is the nature of Neil’s genius? [6:57]
  • Does Neil take specific jobs for their pay rate, or because of his passion for the work? [9:02]
  • Arman asks about Neil’s sense of curiosity. [10:16]
  • What is Neil’s experience of success like?  What motivates him? [13:45]
  • Neil the family man. [15:59]
  • Neil gives an honest take on book-writing and working for ego. [18:23]
  • Arman asks about Neil Patel Digital. [25:47]
  • Neil and Arman reminisce about their past collaboration. [31:16]
  • What’s one thing Neil wishes his clients would do? [36:20]
  • Neil, risk taking, and investing. [39:36]
  • How does Neil make sense of the current COVID-19 situation? [44:35]
  • Arman asks Neil about deal making. [51:23]
  • What is Neil’s big focus right now? [54:45]

Episode Resources:

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  • Learn more about Neil Patel Digital
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