In our world, asking someone how things are going usually gets a response like:

I’ve been so busy, I don’t have time for anything.
I’m just so stressed, I’m juggling a thousand things at once.

Do we value being busy so much as a society that we choose to live this way? Or do we just not know how to handle the many to-do’s in our lives?
Ultimately, this all leads to stress. A lot of it. There’s so much stress in our society that we have organizations dedicated to helping people deal with it. And almost all of this stress comes from work.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a solopreneur, entrepreneur, corporate/startup employee, retail salesperson, or barista—you probably feel busy.
There are two very simple solutions to dealing with this issue. I recently went through an experience that taught me a big lesson, so I went on a quest to find a real answer to my constant busyness. These two solutions can be implemented today. After you implement them, you’ll see a massive shift in both your work day and life.

Two Ways to Stop Being So Busy and Reduce Your Work-Related Stress

After you watched the video, let me know what your “new magic word” is in the comments below.
There’s a big difference between being in a good, positive flow and just being overwhelmed or busy. A lot of this has to do with our perspective and how we look at our lives. You are likely very future-oriented and have big goals, but this can easily cause unnecessary stress and anxiety.
The best way to start shifting this is implementing the two solutions in the video right away. Additionally, consider learning how to live more in the present. Learn to really embrace the moment and work on only one task at a time. When you’re working on that task, enjoy it. And if you’re not, change the situation.
Becoming too focused on the present and forgetting about everything else isn’t the best solution either. The only way to grow personally and contribute to others is by having big goals for the future. With that said, we can’t let those goals and aspirations take us away from the present moment.
Try these two techniques and watch how you physically and emotionally feel afterward. If you catch yourself going back to your old habits, just recognize the moments that they happen. Know that that’s your trigger, and be aware of it. And if you simply don’t enjoy your work, that’s another problem altogether.