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91. How to Win More Clients and Influence People to Make Bigger Deals With You | Mo Bunnell

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Mo Bunnell is THE business development expert. He helps complex organizations grow by creating a growth-oriented culture. He is also the author of The Snowball System, the host of the video podcast Real Relationships, Real Revenue, and the founder of Bunnell Idea Group (BIG).

In this episode, Mo and I dive deep into all things business development, how to sell (the RIGHT way), the importance of letting go of expectations, and much more.

Also, don’t forget to leave a review of the FLOW podcast about the #1 thing you got out of this episode. I will pick one winner to receive a free copy of Mo’s book, The Snowball System, along with a free invitation to Mo’s Grow Big training program (a $4060 value) and a personal call with Mo to talk about how to get ready for the training.

In Episode 91, you will learn:
00:00 Arman & Mo talk about the process of writing and marketing a book
05:24 Mo’s high-level vision of business development and sales
10:50 The framework of sales: The 4 fundamental steps of selling
21:12 Mo’s experience as a business development expert
23:56 Why you need to divorce the outcome
32:03 How to create demand
38:39 The best way to close and discuss price
48:38 Meet face to face or zoom?
52:40 Mo talks about his programs on a cooperate and individual level



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