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Success, Vision, Purpose, Drive. Hang with me for a moment. These words appear to some as lacking reality or science. A lot of people will hear a phrase like “the power of visualization” and automatically say something like, “C’mon Arman, not you, not this ‘foofoo’ stuff!” I agree, most of the time they’re right, it’s usually nonsense.
Visualization alone will get you nowhere. You can sit in your room day and night, dreaming of the beautiful house in Tuscany or the paradise in Maldives (I hope they have good Wi-Fi), but without the right recipe your destination tomorrow will be the same as it was today. 
I’m going to ask you to go through a simple exercise with me to understand just how powerful a clear purpose and vision can be in helping you achieve your ultimate lifestyle. This is the ultimate secret to success. I’ve practically interrogated every fulfilled, successful person I know and I consistently get a similar response. They all use this exact technique, whether they’re consciously aware of it or now. The possibilities are truly limitless.
Can you ever remember a time when you used to want something, but initially, you thought it would be almost impossible to achieve? Even the most dedicated over-achievers that walk around saying, “I can do anything I put my mind to and I always get what I want” still dream of things that would blow them away in their present situation.
I know I have many things in my life today that I once desired, but we seldom stop to realize the current condition of our lives and feel actual gratitude. In fact, for some reason, doesn’t it seem like we take them for granted?

Step 1:

Stop right now and ask yourself this simple question: What are at least five things in my life today that I desired, dreamed of, or had a goal for, and am now proud to have achieved?
Now, stop and write down your answers! These can be anything including your current job, your marriage or relationship, a car you own, your physical body, a nice apartment or house in a city you love, getting into the university you wanted, or even something in your closet.

Step 2:

From those items on your list, mark off 2-3 that at a certain point seemed difficult or even impossible to achieve. At one point, you clearly and vividly imagined having these things, but you knew it would be a dream come true if you ever had them.

My personal answers:

  1. Finally making the decision to work for myself and design the ultimate Freedom Lifestyle.
  2. Living in an incredibly beautiful apartment in San Francisco (one of the most expensive cities in the U.S.) with a huge garden, a breathtaking view, in one of the best neighborhoods, with two of my best friends.

Are you starting to see where I’m going…?

Step 3:

Now ask yourself this question: From the top 2 or 3 that you selected, which were once huge goals or dreams, what exactly was the process and pattern to getting where you are today (i.e. how did you actually earn or obtain them?)
Additionally, was there a somewhat similar pattern between the 2 or 3 “impossibles”? Did you spend a lot of time thinking, visualizing, and imagining what it was like to already be there? Did you feel an enormous amount of drive, excitement, and pleasure from having tasted it once (ex: you visited the city, the school, or drove the car)? Did you feel a massive amount of pain from your current situation, and were finally fed up enough to make a drastic change?
Remember that you may not have done these things consciously, but it’s important to identify the pattern.
If you did the exercise I’m going to assume you’re starting to see these patterns. I’m going to assume that you became obsessed with the idea. You had a clear Vision. You didn’t want these things just for the sake of wanting them—you had a powerful Purpose and lots of intense Focus.
But, you didn’t stop there. You started to believe it was possible and began to take steps toward actually being in that place, or with that person, or at that company. Above all, I’m certain you had a lot of fear. You were fearful that you wouldn’t succeed and that you weren’t even good enough for this dream!
Analyze your process. Identify the ingredients that went into your success in achieving those things that were once merely fantasies. That—in and of itself—is the recipe and secret to success. 

The melodramatic post title I used, The Ultimate Secret to Success, hopefully grabbed your attention enough to get you this far. The reason you’ve accomplished the things you’re most proud of in your life is because you already know your recipe. Now you just have to consciously and proactively use it as your most powerful tool.


  1. Write down at least 5 things you once desired or dreamed of that you were able to accomplish, earn, or manifest.
  2. Pick the 2 or 3 that seemed impossible at the time
  3. Analyze the process you used and identify the patterns. Repeat the process using the recipe, and remember: clear Vision, powerful Purpose, and intense Focus.

What if you applied this exact science and fully utilized The ultimate secret to success going forward? Well, that’s entirely up to you,  friendo.
What were your 2-3 “impossibles”? Do you have any success stories or experiences of your own? Please share in the comments below.