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What is the Money Paradox?

The money paradox is very simple. When I started my journey into solopreneurship and the freedom lifestyle, I struggled like many solopreneurs.
It’s a roller-coaster ride.
But I think the biggest reason I struggled was because I was only focused on making money.
I was so concerned with how I was going to make my next dollar, that I was not able to do something that’s so critical — deliver massive value to my audience, to my prospects, to my customers, to my future customers.
If you want to understand it in a more simple way, it’s like this — the moment I stopped concentrating on getting the money and concentrating on delivering the value, it was a paradox…the money started flowing in.
It’s very unconventional.
It doesn’t even make sense because you would logically assume, “Oh I need to focus on cash flow, focus on cash flow.”
But you can’t actually create good content, or good products, or good software, or great apps, etc. if you’re constantly thinking about how to get the edge and only get the next dollar.
Photo credit: Life’s ParadoxCC license