I was sitting under a bodhi tree when it first happened…
And then I woke up from my dream and felt the sharp shooting pains in my ankles.

Under the bodhi tree
That’s me…attempting to sit in meditation pose under a Bodhi tree in Thailand.

Years of soccer has token its toll, and I can barely sit cross-legged for more than one minute. I got up, laughed it off, and thought “maybe one day I’ll figure this stuff out.”
Something has always intrigued me about meditation. We’ve all heard about the many benefits (summary of research studies, Harvard Business Review, Wired Magazine). Why then do more of us not partake in this ancient, beneficial spiritual practice?
I have a theory:
a) When we do try, it’s frustrating. We quickly give up because “the chatter in the skull” doesn’t stop.
b) The people that do meditate aren’t communicating in a way that makes sense to outsiders. The steps are ambiguous.
c) It seems too hippie and new-age for most people.
In this video you’ll get a basic introduction to meditation. If you’re not sure where to start, or think you’re too busy or not hippie enough for meditation, this is for you.

Meditation 101 Video

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3y3I-qVWVM?&showinfo=0&rel=0]
Hope you enjoyed! Below you’ll find a list of resources mentioned in the video. I’ve also included materials that have been instrumental throughout my adventures with meditation.

1. Insight Timer app – After experimenting with close to 10 different meditation apps, I finally settled on this one. I use this app daily. There are around 70 incredible guided meditations, and a useful timer for doing your own sessions.
2. The Art of Meditation by Alan Watts – HIGHLY recommended. Alan Watts was a brilliant man, and in this video he touches on meditation. This explanation of meditation is what caused the breakthrough for me.
Note: Yes, it is a long lecture, but so worth it. If you’re interested but don’t have the time, here is a 14 minute version of the best parts.
3. Gratitude: Louie Schwartzberg at TEDxSF – A beautiful video about gratitude. Great way to start your morning.
4. Start Your Day (Guided Meditation) – A simple, powerful 7 minute morning guided meditation.
5. Blissful Deep Relaxation (Guided Meditation) – The YouTube channel that created this video, HonestGuys, has awesome content. This is worth checking out.
6. Tibetan Bowls Sounds – This is just the relaxing sound of tibetan bowls, which are perfect for meditation.

  1. How to Stop Being So Busy – A video by yours truly. This will show you how to stop being so busy and instantly reduce any stress you might have, especially during high pressure situations.

The 21 Day Challenge

Step 1: Commit

Commit to meditating every single day for 21 days. Give yourself a strong enough why i.e. strong reason. Make this commitment to yourself, and one accountability partner.

Step 2: Write a Check

What do you stand for? Are you an animal rights activist? Do you support a political party? Are you pro or anti anything? Is there a group of people you just can’t stand?
Write a check made out to an organization that you simply cannot stand. If you can’t think of anything, do the IRS. Make it for an amount that will hurt, a lot. $1,000 is plenty for most people. Now, give that check to your accountability partner (send it to them if you have to). Tell them exactly what your plan is, and tell them that their job is to hold you accountable to this challenge every single day.

Step 3: Report Back

Let us know how you did. Report back after 21 days and tell us: What were your results? Did you succeed or fail? What benefits did you experience? Tell us in the comments below.
Also, I recommend you commit to forming a new habit as soon as this one is done. Do the exact same 21 day challenge, and enjoy the process.

Do you know someone who’s tried to meditate and given up? Or perhaps you have a friend who’s interested but never tried? Send them this video/post so they can do the 21 day challenge too. 
Photo credit: Meditation — CC License