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Most of us are deathly afraid of one thing, and that thing is ourselves.
We are afraid to actually look at ourselves in the mirror and ask the questions needed to identify who we really are and what we actually want from this experience.
The reason is because it is the unknown, it’s like opening a door that’s never been opened.
To know thyself can be a scary thing for a lot of people because you have to venture into this unknown, uncertain world.
I’ve only begun to open that door, and begun to go through this process of exploration. I can tell you without a doubt that most of us don’t know who we really are.
It’s not a one night thing, it’s a process.
By not knowing who we really are, we operate from a place of ego and chatter in the skull. We even operate in fear and behaviors that aren’t ourselves.
When we shift into the realest, true, core self, the only thing that’s left is the real you. There’s no fear. It’s all confidence. It’s all certainty.
There is no uncertainty about anything because you’re back in the driver seat and that’s where I want to operate from.
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